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How to Withdraw Money From Paypal to Mpesa in Kenya 2018.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you the Full Procedure of How to Link your Paypal with Mpesa and How to Withdraw your PayPal funds directly to your Mpesa Account Instantly.

To do this You Should have a Paypal Account. If you don’t have a Paypal Account Read this Article–> How to Open A PayPal Account in Kenya.

How to Link PayPal With Mpesa.

1. Go to Paypal-Mobilemoney.com and Click on Get Started.

2. Use Your PayPal Email and Password to Login.After that, you’ll be required to accept the Terms and Conditions.

3.Link your PayPal and Mpesa Account by Entering your Mpesa Mobile Number the Click Link Accounts.

4. You’ll then receive a confirmation code via SMS. Enter the code then click confirm.

5. That’s it. You’ve successfully linked your Paypal and Mpesa Account.

How to Withdraw Money From PayPal to Mpesa Account.

To withdraw money from your PayPal to your Mpesa Account, Follow the Procedure below.

1. Go to Home Page of  Paypal-Mobilemoney.com then click Withdraw.

2.You’ll see your Available Paypal Balance. Enter the Amount you would Like to Withdraw and Click on Continue to Withdraw.

3.You’ll see the Amount converted in Ksh as well as the estimated time it would take to receive the funds from Mpesa to Paypal.To Complete the Transfer Click Confirm.

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