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How to Reactivate Your KRA PIN If it Got Suspended, Deleted or Blocked.

Kenya Revenue Authority deleted over 95,000 KRA Pins. The Pins were those of Individuals or Businesses that have tax Obligations but have not migrated to the ITax platform.However ,those affected can still reactivate their deleted or suspended accounts

How to Reactivate your KRA Pin if it Got Blocked/ Suspended / Deleted

STEP 1: Use PIN Checker on KRA Website to check status of your PIN (Valid /Suspended). —-> KRA Pin Checker
STEP 2: How to get the Reason for KRA Pin Deactivation.There are 3 methods of Knowing why KRA Deactivated your Pin so choose the one that best suits you.

  • Visit the nearest KRA Station or Service Centre
  •  Call the Contact Centre +254 (020) 4999 999; +254 (0711) 099 999
  •  Download and complete the PIN reactivation request form and email the completed form to pinreactivation@kra.go.ke .The reason for the PIN deactivation will be communicated through the email address provided —–> Download Reactivation Form Request

STEP 3: The taxpayer should then address all the non-compliance tax issues identified and communicated in the email appropriately or as advised at the station.

NB: Please note that you have a right to discuss the decision and also to apply for waiver of penalties and interest. This should be supported by justification.

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