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How Mpesa 1 Tap works and How to get Mpesa 1 Tap Card , Wrist Band or Phone Sticker.

Safaricom has introduced Mpesa 1 Tap which will be a new way to make payments. Mpesa 1 Tap will currently be the fastest and most secure way of making payments.

Mpesa 1 Tap can be used by anyone regardless of the phone you have (Your Phone shouldn’t necessarily  be a smartphone , Even Kabambes can make payments using Mpesa 1 Tap.)

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How Mpesa 1 Tap Works.
You will require any of the following in order to use Mpesa 1 Tap.

  • Mpesa 1 Tap Card.
  • Mpesa 1 Tap Wrist Band
  • Mpesa 1 Tap Phone Sticker

Once you have any of those i.e (Card, wrist band or Phone sticker) this is how Mpesa 1 Tap will work.

  • Once you Purchase a good or service the merchant will key in the amount you need to pay on his point of sale device.
  • To make the payment you will just tap your Mpesa tag (Card, wrist band or Phone sticker) on the merchants payment machine.

  • You will then receive a pop-up on your phone asking you to enter your Mpesa pin.
  • Enter your Pin to complete  the payment or transaction
Requirement to get Mpesa 1 Tap Card , Wrist Band or Phone Sticker.
  • Your National ID or Passport.
  • Your Registered Safaricom Line.
How to get Mpesa 1 Tap Card ,Wrist Band or Phone Sticker.
Mpesa 1 Tap Tags i.e (Card ,Wrist band and Phone Sticker) are available at any sfaricom shop or authorized dealers.
They are FREE of Charge.
You are only allowed to have one of the tags i.e You choose either the card , wrist band or Phone sticker.

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Which Location is Mpesa 1 Tap Available?
Mpesa 1 Tap was initially in Nakuru only but Safaricom has expanded it to other towns e.g Eldoret,Mombasa,Nairobi,Kakamega e.t.c