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How to watch Showmax in Kenya,Price and Payment methods.

Online entertainment streaming services have of late spiked in Kenya. First came Netflix ( which almost got banned ) and now Showmax has stretched it’s market to Kenya.
Being a new concept, individuals have little information concerning such services and thus shear away from using and adapting to it.

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Such services in Kenya are viewed as for the rich only , which is very misguided.

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Requirements to enjoy Showmax in Kenya

  • Internet connection is the most crucial requirement. You can have 2Mbps but 4 Mbps internet speeds is recommened.
  • A device which can access the internet e.g Laptop or any other smart device.However customers can only connect 2 devices.

Showmax Price in Kenya and How to Pay for it.
It is currently the cheapest streaming service in kenya at 880 ksh per month.
New customers will be given 7 days of free trial and if they are not enchanted or pleased with the service they will not be charged a single cent .
Payments can be made through

  1. Visa
  2. Paypal

Details on Download of Movies and Series from Showmax.
When you download content it will be available for viewing for 30 days. However if you play the  downloaded video you will be required to watch it within 48 hours.

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Reasons why online streaming services may not pick up well in Kenya and Africa at large

  • American movie piracy laws do not apply in Kenya. As such the movies and series which are to be watched in the streaming services can be downloaded from illegal sites such as torrents.The content can as well be copied on flashdisks in entertainment joints for a small fee.
  • Internet penetration in Kenya and Africa at large is low and if available it is costly to get internet with high speed.
  • Africa is a conservative continent. Laws can be devised to ban American content which is deemed as inappropriate.