Home Business Ideas How to know a Legitimate and Registered Pharmacy in Kenya.

How to know a Legitimate and Registered Pharmacy in Kenya.

Did you know that after the oil business the pharmaceutical industry is the second most profitable business in the world.
In Kenya community Pharmacies mint profits since the need for health care and drugs is a necessity. Currently the country is under stocked with pharmacist which has lead to a gap in the dispensing cycle. This problem has lead to the emergence of quacks ( untrained and unregistered individuals who disguise themselves as trained pharmaceutical doctors).
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The quacks have been a great menace in the Kenyan health system since they lead to poor dispensing practices which can cause deaths , suffering of the patient and financial loss to the patient since they buy drugs which are useless for their conditions.
I decide to feature this article here since it portrays the aspect of ethical business practices and systems which are being put in place to kill unjust practices in the pharmacy business

How to know a Registered and Legal Pharmacy in Kenya.
Pharmacy practice in Kenya is regulated by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.The board came up with a system in which normal individuals can know a legitimate pharmacy and to spot that which is run by a quack and is thus illegal.

    This how you will know

  • All registered premises will have a unique safety code on a banner that will be displayed outside the pharmacy.
  • To know the registration status of the pharmacy you will be required to send the safety code to 21031
  •  You will receive a reply text to know whether the premises is run by a qualified pharmacist.

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Reasons why this system might not work

  1. There are concerns that corrupt individuals in the PPB might issues safety codes to quacks in exchange for bribes. Also quacks have in the recent past been found to collude with corrupt government officials who offer them protection when apprehended
  2.  Some quacks can also go to river road and produce their own banners with the safety code of a registered pharmacy.