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How to Reset HF Whizz Pin if You Forgot it (HF Whizz Pin Reset)

If you’ve forgotten your HF Whizz Pin,I’ll show you the procedure on how to reset you HF Whizz Pin and regain access to you account.

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Resetting HF Whizz Pin.

I contacted HF Whizz Support in regards to Pin recovery and this was their reply. ” To reset the pin, a customer has to call in to reset their pin which is for security purposes.”

So basically if you want reset you HF Whizz Pin you’ll be required to call any of the HF Whizz Customer Care Phone numbers Listed below and inform them the reason why you want to reset your Pin e.g You Forgot your Pin, Your Pin isn’t working e.t.c

Call any of this Numbers to reset or recover your HF Whizz Pin.

  • 0709438888
  • 020-3262000
  • 0709438000