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How to Send money from mpesa to western union

Mpesa Western Union Partnership will enable Kenyans to easily send money abroad.

In this article i’ll show you how to send money to western union via Mpesa and the charges you’ll incur when making transactions from Mpesa to Western Union.

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How send money from Mpesa to Western union.

Step 1: Registering to Mpesa Global Services

  • Dial *840#
  • Accept Mpesa Global Terms and Conditions
  • Enter Your Mpesa Pin to Opt into Mpesa Global
  • You’ll then receive a Message from Safaricom ” Welcome to Mpesa Global Services. To transact dial*840# or Use My Safaricom App.”
  • You can now transfer Money from Mpesa to Western Union

Step 2: Mpesa to Western Union Transfer Procedure.

  • Dial *840#
  • Choose Send Money Abroad
  • Select Send to Western Union Location
  • Select New Recipient then Enter the First , Last and Middle Name of the person receiving the funds.
  • Enter the amount you want to send (101-70000)
  • Pick Destination i.e The country you’re sending the funds to , If sending to USA you’ll pick state.
  • Write the Purpose of the funds (School Fees , Gift ,Other)
  • Select source of funds (Salary, Business, Savings , Other )
  • Confirm the transaction
Mpesa to Western Union Charges.