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How to Unblock Equitel Line if You Forgot Your Equitel Pin.

Entering 5 wrong Pins when using Equitel will make your account get Blocked. If you ever Forget your Equitel pin or Block your Equitel when trying to transfer money, use this simple method to get a new pin.

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N/B: Unblocking Equitel or Requesting For a New Equitel Pin will Require that you have your ATM Pin.

How to Unblock Equitel If You Forgot Your Pin.
  1. Open Equitel Sim Tool Kit and Click on My Money
  2. Click on My Account.
  3. Select My Pin
  4. Choose Forgot Pin
  5. Enter your ATM card number
  6. Enter your ATM card expiry date eg. 1215
  7. Enter national ID
  8. Enter Your ATM Pin and Submit.
  9. Equity will then send you Your New Pin via SMS

If You don’t have an ATM Card or Your ATM Card Expired you can contact Equity Customer Care and Inform the You Forgot your Pin. Use Equity Contact details below.

Equity Customer Care Facebook —> @KeEquityBank

Equity Customer Care Twitter —> @KeEquityBank

Equity Customer Care Phone Number —> 0763 063000

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