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10 Best Loan Apps in Kenya 2019. Get Quick Online Loans in Kenya.

Loans in Kenya have become easily accessible with the entry of Loan Apps in Kenya.

Most of the Loan Apps accept Loan requests easily then send the money via Mpesa.This Loan Apps also don’t require guarantor information. However, If you’re blacklisted with CRB it’s hard to secure a Loan.

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In this article, We’ve Listed the Best Loan Apps in Kenya 2018.The Loan Apps Listed Below will give quick instant Loans in Kenya.

Update: Apps that Easily Approve loans are Timiza, Tala, Branch and Okash

Best Loan Apps in Kenya 2018.

1. Branch.

Branch make it very easy to get a quick unsecured mobile loan in Kenya. Once approved the Loan is sent instantly to you via Mpesa.

Branch Loan Limits: Ksh 250 – Ksh 50,000

Branch Loan Re-Payment Period: All Loans should be repaid within 1 Month.

How to Get Branch Loan in 2018.
  • Download Branch Loan App —> Branch App Playstore
  • Open Branch App then Create Account Using Facebook Login.
  • Fill in the Information asked i.e Country, Name, ID Number
  • Validate your Mobile Number (Branch will send you a Validation Pin)
  • Apply For Branch Loan in Seconds
  • Once Approved your Branch Loan will receive the money in your Mpesa.

N/B: Pay your Branch Loans on time to increase your Loan Limits.

2. Tala

Tala was the first Loan App in Kenya.It’s currently the most popular Loan App in Kenya. Tala sends Loans via Mpesa

Tala Loan Limits: Ksh 1000- Ksh 30,000

First-time applicants will be given Ksh 1000. After repaying your loan your limit will be increased to Ksh 2000.Loan Limits will always be increased by Ksh 1000 after paying your previous loan.

Tala Loan Repayment Period: All Tala Loans should be repaid within 1 month.

How to Get Tala Loan in 2018.

  • Download Tala Loan App. Link —> Tala App Playstore
  • Open the App then Click I’M New- Create Account.
  • Enter your M-Pesa number.
  • Enter the confirmation Code they will send you.
  • Set your Tala 4 Digit Pin
  • Confirm your Pin then click Submit

N/B: Tala will scan your Mpesa and Messages to identify your creditworthiness. For quick Tala Loan Approval don’t delete your Mpesa messages.

3. Haraka Loan App.

Haraka App will require that you create your account by logging in to your Facebook.

N/B: For quick Haraka Loan Approval make sure that you don’t delete your Mpesa messages. Loan Apps in Kenya usually scan your Mpesa messages to determine your creditworthiness.

How to Get Haraka Loan in 2018.
  • Download Haraka Loan App—> Haraka Loan Play store            [ Use Referal Code KGRL319 to Get Ksh 100 Bonus]
  • Open the Haraka Loan App.
  • Choose your Country.
  • Select your preferred Language
  • Click on Continue on Facebook
  • Create your Account (On wallet Number Enter your Mpesa Number)
  • Complete Profile by entering your (Account name, Mpesa Number, and Date of Birth)
  • If you’re Eligible choose the Loan Amount that you want.

4. Okash.

Okash is Owned by Opera. Okash gives Mobile loans to Kenyans between the ages of 20-55. You must have an Mpesa Phone number to get the loan

How to Get Okash Loan 2018.
  • Download Okash App—-> Okash App Play store.
  • Open the App and Click on Create a New Account.
  • Enter your Mpesa Number.
  • Enter the 6 Digit Verification Code Okash will Send You.
  • Create your Okash 4 Digit Pin then Click Sign Up.
  • Okash Will ask For Permission to Access your Information. Click on Allow Access.
  • Create Your Profile e.g Name, ID Number, Date of Birth
  • Choose your Loan Amount and the Repayment Period then Click on Apply.
  • Confirm the Application then Click Submit.
  • If your Loan is approved you will get an SMS Notification.

5. Timiza App (Barclays Loan App)

Barclays Launched it’s own Loan App. All Kenyan can Borrow money via Timiza App (Both Barclays Customers and None Customers)

Timiza has the Highest Loan Limit.You can Borrow up to Ksh 150,000.Interest Rates are also Low.

How to Get Timiza App Loan 2018.
  • Download Timiza App—->Timiza App Playstore
  • Install and Open Timiza App.
  • Register by Entering Your Safaricom Phone Number and National ID Number
  • The App will then Load (Checking Registration Status). It Should the Read SUCCESS.
  • You’ll then Receive Timiza Pin via SMS.
  • Open the App Again and Click Login
  • Login by Entering your Phone Number and Pin (The one sent via SMS)
  • Activate Timiza App (Activation Pin will be sent to your Phone)
  • Set Security Qn and Give the Answer
  • You’ll then be Required to Change your Pin to something confidential
  • After Changing your Pin you’ll be prompted to log in Again
  • Log in with your Phone Number and New Pin.
  • Timiza App Homepage will Show You How Much Money you can Borrow.

Method 2 of Getting Timiza Loan.

  • You can Also Get Timiza Loan by dialling *848#

6. Equitel

You must have an Equitel Line to get this Loan.

How to Get Equitel Eazzy Loan 2018.
  • Open Equitel SimTool Kit
  • Choose My Money
  • Choose Eazzy Loan.
  • Select Get Loan
  • Select your Equity Account
  • Choose Loan Type (One Month, Instalment or Other)
  • Enter the Loan Amount You want
  • Submit your Loan Request

7. Saida Loan App.

Saida interface isn’t user-friendly but manageable.

Saida Loan Limits: Ksh 600- Ksh 25,000

Saida Loan Repayment period: Loan should be repaid within 1 month.

How to Get Saida Loan 2018. 
  • Download Saida Loan App—> Saida Loan Play store.
  • Open Saida App
  • Click on Open Saida Permissions.[Give Saida App all the Permissions.]
  • Click on Continue after giving Saida App the Permissions.
  • Click Get Started then enter your Phone Number on the Pop-up that Appears.
  • Create Your Saida Account [Enter your Name, ID Number and Email]
  • If you’re New to Saida Click on Check Now then Answer the questions they’ll ask you.
  • After answering the qns you will Receive a YES or DECLINE response after an Hour.
8. Stawika Loan App.
How to Get Saida Loan 2018.
  • Download Stawika Loan App—-> Stawika App Playstore
  • Sign Up by Entering the Details Asked (First Name, Last Name, ID and Phone Number E.T.C)
  • Follow the Prompts
9. Mshwari Loan

You can get Mshwari Loan by Opening your Safaricom Tool Kit then Opening Mpesa. Select Loans and Savings then Mshwari

10. KCB Mpesa.

You can get KCB Mpesa Loan by Opening your Safaricom Tool Kit then Opening Mpesa. Select Loans and Savings then KCB Mpesa.