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How to Watch NETFLIX For Free in Kenya.

Netflix and Showmax are the Greatest Internet Tv services in Kenya.

In this article, we’ll show you how to utilize the Netflix free trial and watch Netflix for Free for a whole month.

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How to Watch Netflix For Free in Kenya.

1. Go to Netflix.com/Ke

2. Click on Join Free For a Month

3.Choose Your Plan. Netflix has 3 Plans.Click on See Plans.

4.Choose the Plan that will suit you after the free trial then clicks continue. (For the Free Trial Month I would recommend that you choose premium).You can Downgrade or Upgrade anytime.

5.Create your Netflix Account.Use your email and create a password to watch Netflix on any device at any time.Click continue to create Account.

6.Enter your Email and Preferred Password For the Netflix Account.

7.Set Up your Payment. Choose Visa, Master Card or Paypal (You’ll only Pay after the one month Free Trial has Finished). If you cancel before the free month Trial Finishes you won’t be charged.

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Netflix usually notifies you 3 days before the trial version elapses.They’ll send you an email Reminder.If you don’t want to be charged for the Next Month, cancel your Subscription

Enter Your Credit or Debit Card Details.(Make sure your Card has around $8. Netflix will Deduct $7.99 then Refund it Immediately.

N/B: If you don’t have a Card Try Showmax 14 Day Free Trial. Showmax is more Friendly since they’ll only ask For your Phone Number to send you the free voucher.

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