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How to Get Equity Bank Statement Online via Email

Use the procedure below to get your Equity bank statement online  You will be charged Ksh 5 as the fee to get your Equity bank statement sent to you via email.

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This procedure will require you to download the Eazzy Banking App from Playstore.

How to get Equity Bank statement via Email.

1. Download Eazzy Banking App From Playstore by Using this  Link —> Eazzy Banking App.(use this invite code: 6OJFQ7)

2. Login to your Equity Account by Using the Eazzy Banking App.

3. Click the 3 Dots on the Top Right Corner.

4. Click on Request Statement by Email.

4. If you have more than 1 equity account, Select the Equity bank account which you want its bank Statement. Enter the start date of the statement and the end date of the statement.

5. The Equity Bank statement will then be sent to your Email After 10-15 mins.

N/B: It’s advisable to request your Equity Bank statement via Email since you’ll only be charged Ksh 15 . If you go to equity bank physically and request for your bank statement you will be charged Ksh 165 per page.

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