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How to Cashout Bitcoins to Paypal via Hiribi and make 15% Profit.

In this Article, I’ll show you how to make profits by selling your bitcoins to Hiribi.com and receiving your funds via Paypal.

I’ve been using Hiribi services for 3 months now and I can guarantee that it’s a Legitimate site to convert your bitcoins to Paypal.

N/B: If you have any Questions regarding HiRiBi.com Please ask in the comment sections and I’ll answer them ASAP.

Steps on How to Exchange Bitcoins to Paypal USD by Using HIRIBI.


1.Go to Hiribi.com

  • Please use my Affiliate Link when registering and Trading–> HiRiBi.com

2.Click on Register

3.Enter your Paypal Email and Password (Don’t use your Paypal Password in this section. Use another Password)

N/B: Save your Password somewhere or make sure it’s a password that you will always remember.

4.You will be redirected to your dashboard.The dashboard will show you the status of your orders.

  • The Status will be written in progress if Hiribi hasn’t finished sending the Payment.
  • When Full Payment has been made the status will read Complete.

i.e Screenshot of My Dashboard when I did my First 2 Transactions.

STEP 2: Exchanging your Bitcoins For Paypal USD Through HIRIBI

1. Go to Hiribi.com

2. Check the Exchange Rate.If you’re pleased with what they are offering Enter the Bitcoin amount you want to trade.


3.When you Enter the Bitcoin amount, you’ll be shown how much money they will deposit in your Paypal.

4. Enter your Paypal address then Click SELL BTC.

5.You’ll then be Given Further details i.e wallet address where you’ll send the BTC.

N/B: Copy the transaction ID and Keep it safe. In case of any problem, you’ll email Hiribi customer care the transaction ID so that they can sort it out.

6. After you’ve sent the BTC to the wallet address provided Hiribi will start the Payment Process after 3 Confirmations in the blockchain.

7.Payment will be completed within 12 hrs. (You’ll have to be patient.)

How to Contact Hiribi.com

Send an email to help@hiribi.com.

Customer care responses usually take approximately 1-3hrs. Sometimes the response is usually immediately.They are very Helpful and sort out issues quickly.

What You Should Know Before Using Hiribi.

  • Orders are usually finalized within 12hr. Small bitcoin to Paypal transactions e.g $200 are finalized faster.
  • Payments will come in small amounts e.g If you’re supposed to receive $200, Hiribi might send $50 four times.
  • It’s advisable that you use a Paypal account which is aged and has made many transactions.If your Paypal is new make sure that you transact low volumes of Bitcoins e.g $400 Per week.
  • The only Risk involved is Paypal Account Limitation.Paypal will Hold your funds for 180 days if they suspect you’re trading bitcoins. {However, when HIRIBI sends you the money via Paypal they will Indicate you provided a service e.g Logo Design, SEO, Article Writing e.t.c)

How to Avoid Paypal Account Limitation when Transacting with Hiribi.

  1. If your account is new and not established exchange small bitcoin amounts each week e.g Don’t transact more than $500 in a week.
  2. Always transact using one device when carrying out trades at HiRiBi.