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How to Buy Bitcoins in Kenya 2018.

Buying and selling bitcoins in Kenya has become much easier. With the help of Localbitcoins, you can now conveniently buy bitcoins through Mpesa.

Follow the procedure below to know how to open a Localbitcoin account and buy or sell you bitcoins.

How to Register on LocalBitcons in Kenya.

1. Go to Localbitcoin website by using this link–>LocalBitcoins

2. Click on Sign up For Free.

3.Register your Account by filling in your details i.e username, email, and your preferred password.Click on I am not a Robot captcha to verify you’re human.After verification click on Register.

3.When you click on Register a Popup will appear with the terms of service.Click on I agree

4.You’ll then be required to verify the account.Go to your email and click on the verification email sent.

5. Follow the procedure below on how to buy bitcoins from Localbitcoins in Kenya.

How to Buy Bitcoins in Kenya by Using Local Bitcoins.

Important points to know before buying from a trader.

  • Look at the traders rating. Traders with a rating of 100% are the most reliable and trustworthy traders. 100% rating means all their transactions have been successful.
  • Look at the traders trading limits. Some traders have lower trading limits while other have high limits.
  • Look for traders who sell their bitcoins cheaply.

After you’ve identified a suitable trader this is how you’ll buy the bitcoins.

1.Click on Buy.

2. Enter how much you wish to buy then click on send trade request.

3.Ask the trader the mode of Payment they Prefer.After Paying them Click on I have Paid.

4. The trader will send you the Bitcoins.Confirm if the bitcoins have been sent by checking your wallet balance.