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How to Import Products From USA to Kenya Without Paying Tax or Customs.

In this article we will show you simple hacks of importing items from Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress (or from any website in the USA) while in Kenya and get it delivered to you.

When you use the Kenyan Companies listed below to import your products ,you won’t pay tax or customs duties since they are the ones who will handle that and no cost will be transferred to you. You’ll only be required to pay for Shipping.

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1. Use KentexCargo.

When using KentexCargo you won’t be required to pay tax or customs duties for the product you’re importing.You’ll only incur shipping charges.

Duration of Delivery: 10-14 Days

Cost of Shipping/Importing : You will be charged based on the weight of your product. KentextCargo usually charges $15 per KG.

Minimum charge is $15, so if you import a product which weighs less than 1 Kg you’ll still Pay $15.

How to Import/Ship Products From the USA With KentexCargo.

  • Get the links of the products you want to purchase.
  • Email your links to Sales@kentexcargo.com
  • You’ll then receive an invoice with the total amount needed to purchase your products.
  • Make the Payment by either using Mpesa or Paypal.
  • In 14 days your Item will be delivered.

KentexCargo Contacts

Phone Number: 0706 778885

Email: Sales@kentexcargo.com

Facebook: Kentex Cargo

Website: kentexcargo.com

2. Use Savo Store.

Savostore is another Kenyan company that can facilitate shipping/Importation of products from the USA to Kenya.

Just Like KentexCargo you wont’ incur any tax charges or custom duties when using Savo Store.

Duration of Delivery: 10-14 days.

Cost of Shipping: $15 Per KG.

How to Import/Ship Products From the USA With Savo Store .

  • Go to their website savostore.com and Register.
  • After Registering you’ll see an arrow indicating Begin Shopping now.
  • On the Item Name slot write the product name you want to buy e.g Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • On the Quantity slot choose how many you want.
  • On the Weblink slot, Paste the product URL.
  • On the More Information slot Indicate the Price of the product on the online shop and also indicate it’s weight.
  • Click Submit your Entry.
  • Savostore will then get in touch with you.They will invoice you the total amount you need to pay.
  • After Payment Delivery will be made within 14 days.

Savo Store Contacts.

Phone Number: 0722 724741

Email: customercare@savostore.com

Facebook: SavoStore

Website: savostore.com

3. Use Kwaraha.

Cost of Shipping: Kwaraha Charges Ksh 799 per Half a KG.if you product is less than 1/2 kg the price will also reduce e.g if it 100g you will only pay ksh 160 as shipping.

Delivery: Kwaraha ships products every Wednesday and delivery takes 7-10 days.

Custom Clearance and  Tax: Customers won’t incur Tax Charges or Handling fees.

How to Import/Ship Products From the USA With Savo Store .

  • Send Product links to their number 0717 829 217
  • You can alternatively send product details to support@kwaraha.com

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4. Use Vitumob .

Visit their Website to Know more : Vitumob.com