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How to Earn Ksh 30,000 Per Month Selling Smokies.

Selling Smokies is a very lucrative business. Most Kenyans have realized that fact and that’s why you’ll see many roadside smokies sellers in major towns.

Hustleyetu.co.ke did a brief Profit analysis of the Smokie selling business in Kenya and this is what we got.

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How Much Profit Smokie Selling can Give you.

1. Smokie Packet with 22 Pieces costs Ksh 350.

2. Smokies are usually resold at ksh 25. Selling the 22 smokies will earn you (22*25)=550

3. Smokies are usually sold with Kachumbari. Each Packet of Smokie you’ll require ksh 50 bob worth f kachumbari (Tomatoes + Onions and sometimes Pilipili)

Thus Profit Made from selling 1 Packet of smokies is as follows.

550-(350+50)= Ksh 150 Profit per Packet.

On Average smokies sellers usually sell 5 Packets per day (Most start selling smokies at 3 Pm till around 10 Pm).

Daily Profit will thus be around (Ksh 150*5)= Ksh 750

Monthly Profit will be (Ksh 750*31)= Ksh 23,250.

Adding boiled eggs as a product of sale will increase your monthly profits by around Ksh 12,000 – Ksh 15,000.

NB: If you have a good customer base (one with high traffic e.g University or bus station) you can sell up to 12 packets in a day which will earn you profits of almost ksh 55,800 in a month.

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