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How to Watch Showmax on Your XBox One.

Showmax has recently launched an app for the Xbox one console , an entertainment hub for gaming and live video streaming. This means that Showmax subscribers are now able to watch their favourite series and movies on Showmax on their TV screens, using the gaming console as a media streaming device, without having to upgrade to a smart TV or spending money on a separate streaming device.

How to get Showmax on your Xbox One.

  • You need a showmax account. Get your Free 14-day trial voucher and create your Showmax account if you’re not a subscriber yet, using your email address and creating a password to set up your account. (You’ll need to use this same email address and password when you sign into the Showmax app on the Xbox one.)
  • Go to the store tab on the Xbox one
  • Find the search tab on the right-hand side of your screen and search for Showmax
  • Install the showmax app
  • After installation ,access the Showmax app on the games and app tab on home-screen dashboard, by clicking on the apps tab.
  • Find the Showmax app and click open.
  • Sign in to the app using the same email and password you used to sign up for Showmax.
  • To pin the Showmax app to your home screen, highlight the app tile, press the menu button and then select “pin to home”.

Advantages of the Xbox one.

The Xbox One is an entertainment hub that you can use for both gaming and streaming. As a gamer, all you need is your Xbox One, not only for your gaming addiction, but also to stream Showmax series and movies directly to your TV screen. This means you don’t need to upgrade to a smart TV or purchase a separate media streaming device to be able to enjoy your favourite shows on your big HD TV.

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