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How to Report Mobile Money Fraudster in Kenya

 Many Kenyans have been culprits of Mobile money Fraud.The Fraudsters usually send you a deceptive or trick message asking you to send them money or telling you to call them,those who are naive will fall into the trap and end up being conned.

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Example of Fraudulent Messages sent to Kenyans

1. (Safaricom) Sasa, zile pesa nitumie kwa hii number,ile ingine iko na shida ya M-Pesa.
2. (Equity) Equity Member! Your Equity Bank Account Has Been joined with another customer Mary Gakii. We are sorry for the inconvenience,For assistance call/sms 0780003395. EQUITY BANK
3.(Lotto) You’ve won ksh 100,000 from Lotto’s latest draw. Call this number to get your Prize,
How to Report Mobile Money Fraudsters.
Reporting a fraudster is very simple.Follow the Procedure below.
  • Forward the Fraudulent Message to 333
  • Make sure to indicate the number that sent you the Fraudulent Message