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How to do Mpesa Reversal by sending Message to 456 (New Method)

When sending money via Mpesa you might at times send it to the wrong person.Carrying out an Mpesa reversal is the only way that you can get your money back.

Initially Mpesa reversal would only happen when you call customer care and request them to do the reversal.However,Safaricom has rolled out a new Mpesa Reversal Method which is easier and faster.
In this article we will show you the new method of doing an Mpesa Reversal via text message.
How to do an Mpesa Reversal Via Text to 456.
  • Send the Wrong Mpesa Transaction Message to 456
  • The Cash transfer will be suspended soon thereafter.
  • Within 2 hours customer care will inform the sender and recipient that the transaction was erroneous.
  • If no disputes are filed the cash transfer will be reversed.
This method will reduce time taken by subscribers to submit reversal requests. The previous method of calling customer care was time consuming since you would wait for almost 10 minutes for customer care to pick your calls.