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How Safaricom’s Okoa Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Works

Sunday 20th August 2017 – Safaricom has introduced a more friendly manner to borrow airtime and repay it back at a customer friendly manner. Okoa Lipa Mdogo Mdogo is a service that enables eligible Prepay subscribers to opt to repay their outstanding Okoa credit Advance in Installments

Difference between Okoa Jahazi and Okoa Lipa Mdogo Mdogo.
Let’s assume that you borrowed airtime of 20 bob from Safaricom.
With Okoa Jahazi when you load another 20 ksh airtime to your phone ,Safaricom will deduct the whole amount to repay your borrowed credit.
With Okoa Mdogo Mdogo ,Safaricom will deduct only 10 ksh and leave you with 10 ksh airtime. The remaining 10 ksh borrowed airtime will be paid at a later date.

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How to Subscribe to Okoa Lipa Mdogo Mdogo.

  • Dial *131#
  • Select Lipa Mdogo Mdogo
Who is Eligible For Okoa Lipa Mdogo Mdogo.
The service is open to all Safaricom  Prepay subscribers who use Okoa Jahazi Service and repay their credit advances within 5 days