Home How How Much President Uhuru’s Designer Shirts Costs.(Price is For the Rich Only).

How Much President Uhuru’s Designer Shirts Costs.(Price is For the Rich Only).

President Uhuru’s tailor has revealed to Kenyans how much the Presidential designer shirts cost.Carol Pulei, CEO of Naneuleshan Apparel is the brains behind Uhuru’s beautifully designed Shirts and Boomber Jackets which he wore during the Campaign Trail.

The young Female entrepreneur started the Apparel Business 7 years ago and she’s managed to dress high end dignitaries including Mike Sonko and other Wealthy Politicians.

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Carol Revealed that the Iconic Presidential shirt costs close to 100,000 ksh. For ordinary customers the lowest priced shirt costs 4,500 ksh and the Highest price shirt cost 100,000 ksh. The prices depend on the type of Fabric used to tailor the apparel.

The cloth Apparel Shop where Uhuru Kenyatta is dressed – courtesy Xtian Dela.

The Designer got the Contract to dress the President after Mike Sonko delivered the shirt to president Kenyatta as a Gift. Kenyans Loved the Shirt and Carol was summoned to state house to take Uhuru’s measurements and she then started making new designs for UhuRuto.

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Viral Internet Celebrity Githeri man has been dressed by Uhuru Kenyatta’s Designer. Naneuleshan Apparel gave Githeri Man a total make over which turned him into a Classic Man. Additionally Githeri Man was given a 5 year Contract by Carol. He will be dressed Free of Charge for the Next 5 years until the 2022 Elections.

Githeri Man being Dressed by Carol Pulei ( Uhuru Kenyatta’s Tailor)

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