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How to Redeem Your Telkom Ziada Points.

Just like Safaricom Bonga Points, Telkom Kenya has a Loyalty program to its customers called Telkom Ziada Program.
Many Telkom Kenya customers are usually unaware of this and as such, they accumulate points and never redeem them for Rewards.This article will inform you of everything that you need to Know about Telkom Ziada Program.
How to Gain Telkom Ziada Points.
You’re usually automatically enrolled in the Telkom Ziada Program when you get a registered Telkom Line.

Ziada Points are earned when you use Telkom services i.e Calling and Texting.For every 1 ksh Spent you earn 1 Ziada point.

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How to Know your Telkom Ziada Point Balance.
  • Dial *131# then Press Call
  • You will then receive a message showing you all your Balance.The message will indicate you Airtime Balance, Your Data balance, and Your Ziada Point Balance

How to Redeem Your Telkom Ziada Points

  • Dial *126#
  • You’ll then choose what reward you want depending on the number of points you have
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What you can Redeem your Points For.
Ziada Points earned can be redeemed for 2 types of Rewards
1. Non-Merchandise Rewards.
This includes the Following
  • Data Bundles
  • Airtime (Airtime redeemed can be used across all networks)
  • Holla Bundles
2. Merchandise Goods
This is where by you can redeem your Ziada Points for Phones and other devices on offer.
To redeem your Ziada Points for a Merchandise you’ll have to go to any Telkom Shop.