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How to Download Showmax Movies and Series by Using the Showmax App

 Showmax offers 20,000+ Movies, Series and Kids Shows. The shows can either be streamed directly on the Showmax website or Downloaded on the Showmax App then watched Offline.
The Showmax App allows you to download up to 25 TV shows at a time . Downloaded content will  be stored on your device for 30 days.
Once you press play you’ll have a window period of 48 hours to Finish watching the show and you can watch it as many times as you like in those 48 hours.
Downloading with Showmax is very simple and quick.All you need is to download the Showmax App which is available on both Android and iOS and follow the steps below.

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How to Use Showmax App to Download Movies and Series

  • Download the Showmax app on your Device.

Showmax Android App—> Download
Showmax iOS App—–> Download

  • Open the Showmax App and Select the Movie or Series that you want to download.If it’s a series you’ll then select the Episode you want to download.
  • Click on the Download Button which is next to the Play Now Button.
  • A pop-up will  appear with the Download quality Options. (Low quality, Standard quality,Good quality and High quality.)
  • After choosing the quality, your content will automatically start downloading.You’ll then be able to enjoy Showmax offline.
  • When you open the Showmax app while offline you’ll be redirected to the downloaded content directly.
Why the Showmax Download Option is Very Useful.
Kenya has internet connectivity issues including very slow internet speeds, high cost of data bundles and rural areas with poor internet connectivity.

The Showmax Download feature will allow you to download your shows while on free Wifi hotspots, then watch at Home without Buffering issues or worrying that your bundles might run out in the Middle of a thrilling Show.

Start your Free Trial  trial.showmax.com