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How Much SGR Group Coach Reservations Cost.

 Kenyan Railways has announced the Prices of Group Coach reservations and Kenyans are totally unhappy about it.
Group Coach Reservation is whereby you book a whole coach unit i.e this is for those Guys traveling in large groups e.g Team Building Members or Tour Agencies who book many seats for their Clients.

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SGR Coach Capacities.

  • First Class has 2 Coach Capacities. There is a coach which can accommodate 66 seats and a Coach which can accommodate 72 seats.
  • Economy Class coaches accommodate 118 seats.

Group Coach Reservation costs.
The price is one-way cost.

  • Economy Class- 1200 Ksh per seat.
  • First Class- 3600 Ksh per seat.

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How much Hiring SGR Coach will Cost.
Group coach reservations will be based on the cost and FULL OCCUPANCY will be assumed. We did the calculations and this is what would cost to hire a whole coach.
  • Hiring a whole Economy Class cabin will cost 141,600 ksh (118*1200)
  • Hiring First class 66 seater coach will cost 237,600 Ksh (66*3600)
  • Hiring First class 72 seater coach will cost 259,200 Ksh (72*3600)
N/B: SGR assumes Full Occupancy when doing a Group Coach Reservation i.e If you don’t Fill the coach you will still pay for the empty seats.
When traveling on a Group Coach the SGR Charges 500 ksh more for Economy class and 600 ksh more for first class.
It’s only the SGR that charges expensive prices for Group travels as compared to individuals.Normally Group travels are supposed to access subsidized Prices.
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