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How to Watch Series and Movies For Free with Showmax in Kenya (ShowMax Free Trial)

Showmax is offering Kenyans a 14-day free trial voucher on its streaming service – no credit card needed. The 14-day trial allows you to watch the full catalogue of more than 20,000+ movies, series episodes and kids shows with no restrictions. All you need is access to internet and the right device – like a laptop, smartphone, tablet or smart TV – and you’re ready to watch what you want, when you want it. Showmax lets you download shows to your phone or tablet and watch offline – so use those free Wi-Fi spots!
Getting the free trial is very simple since you’re only required to submit your phone number and a voucher will be sent to you.
Showmax is the only streaming service that won’t ask for your credit card or payment details when you’re applying for their free trial service. It’s absolutely free – follow the procedure below in order to get your fantastic free Showmax experience.
See the full list of shows that Showmax offers here: Showmax Movie & Series List
How to Watch Series and Movies For Free with Showmax.

The procedure is Super easy and will take less than a minute to complete.It only requires your mobile number so that Showmax can send you a Voucher code.

  • You will then Enter your Voucher code in the page that opens then Click Submit.

  • A new page will Open telling you that your Showmax Subscription was Successful.You will also be informed when your Free Trial Period Expires.Click Start Watching and Enjoy Free Showmax Experience

Great Shows that You can watch For Free on Showmax.
This is are just a few suggestions that I have.
You can See the Full list of Shows that Showmax Offers Her: Showmax Movie & Series List

1. Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is a HBO Produced series with an IMDB Rating of 9.5/10.Its about Nine Noble Families that Fight for Control and Power.The Familes Fight to Claim the Throne.

It’s Much awaited Season 7 will Premier on July 17th and Showmax will Definitely Have it.

Start your Free Trial to Watch Game of Thrones: trial.showmax.com

2.The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang is created by Chuck Lorre,the same guy who came up with Two and A Half Men.Big Bang is about two Geeky Friends Sheldon and Leonard who live together.A woman,Penny Move in the opposite apartment and falls in love with Leonard.She then teaches them about the outside world.
The Geekiness is constructed for Comic relief.

Start your Free Trial to Watch The Big Bang Theory: trial.showmax.com

3. Kenyan Comedy Shows Real House Helps of Kawangware and Churchill Show.
Showmax hasn’t left out Kenyan Comedy lovers.Life would be boring and depressing without Churchill Show or Njugush’s Comedy.
To Get your Daily Dose of Laughter start your Free Trial: trial.showmax.com

See the Full list of Shows that Showmax Offers Her: Showmax Movie & Series List