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How to Know/Identify Fake Kenyan Money or Bank Notes (6 Ways to Know Fake Kenyan Money)

 Making counterfeit currency is one of the oldest crimes in history.In Kenya Fake currency is constantly in circulation and this posses great threat to the economy.Anyone can be scammed with fake Kenyan notes due to the improved and sophisticated Printers that are being used nowadays.
By Law the Central Bank of Kenya is the only institution which has the mandate to produce money in Kenya.
Kenyan Notes have distinct security features which can enable you to Know it genuineness

How to Know/Identify Fake Kenyan Money or Bank Notes.

1. Security Thread

All Kenyan notes have an interwoven thread which appears on the right hand side of the note.

  • For the 1000 and 500 ksh notes the interwoven thread will appear to be thicker. When the notes are viewed at different angles there should be color shift .
  • For the 200,100 and 50 ksh notes the tread will be thinner and no color shifts will be observed when viewing from different angles.
2. Presidents Coat Texture.
When you touch president Jomo Kenyatta’s Collar on his coat you should feel a tactile or rough texture.
3.See Through Feature (The Elephant)
The see through feature is always on the bottom left of each note.When you hold the note against light the see through feature will appear to be an elephant.
4.The Serial Number.
The serial number appears twice on a bank note.
  • On the right hand side the serial number will appear horizontally and the size of the digits will appear to increase progressively
  • On the Left hand side the serial number will appear vertically.This serial number will glow when viewed under UV Light.
5.Portrait Watermark. (The Lion)
This Portrait appears on the top left.When you hold the the note to light you should see a Lions head.
Below the head the numerical value of the note should appear.e.g 1000 ,100 .
6.The Size of the Note
All the Kenyan notes have different size. The 50 Ksh note is the smallest while the 1000 ksh note is the largest.Thus for example if you get a 1000 Ksh note that is the same size as a 500 Ksh note just know that one of them is fake.
What to do if you Have Damaged Kenyan Currency.
Kenyan currency will be considered damaged if it becomes torn or ,arked with Ink.
Kenyans can take such notes to commercial banks or the Central Bank of Kenya for replacement.
However before it is replaced it should adhere to the following.
  • The note/currency should be more than half.
  • The currency should be genuine
  • The note should have at least one full serial number