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How to Get Your KRA Itax Password if you Forgot It.

 Forgetting you KRA Itax Password will hinder you from Logging to your Itax Account.Failure to log in will lock you from performing critical activities such as Filling you Tax Returns.
Losing you KRA Itax Password Shouldn’t stress you since it can easily be retrieved free of charge and it takes very little time to get your new Pin.
The procedure of How to Get Your KRA Itax Password if  Forgot it.

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  • Click Forgot/Unlock Account
  • In the Page that Opens Fill in the Security Stamp e.g (148-10= )
  • The Rest Password will then be sent to Your Email.
  • Open Your Email and You’ll See the Reset Password.
  • Go Back to the KRA Home Page.Input your Pin and the Reset Password then fill in the Security Stamp.
  • Click Login.
  • The Page that will open will be for Resetting to your New Pin.
Choosing Your New KRA Itax Pin.(Resetting to your New Pin)
  • Enter your Old Password (i.e The password you were sent in the Email)
  • Enter a New Password of Your Choice.
  • Confirm the New Password by retyping it.
  • Choose a Security Question e.g City you were born in.
  • Fill in the answer to the Security Question you choose.
  • Accept KRA Website Policy and Disclaimer.
  • Accept KRA Website Secure Password Policy Guidelines.
  • Click Submit.
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