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How Affordable Showmax is in Kenya and Why You Should Subscribe to Showmax.

 Internet TV is the new and better alternative to traditional TV, which dictates what you watch and when, often with quite a limited selection.
Showmax is an internet TV streaming service that is gaining viewership in Kenya and Africa at large.
How affordable Showmax is in Kenya
1. Subscription fee and free trial
In terms of price, Showmax is one of the cheapest internet TV services in Kenya.
Showmax Premium costs only Ksh 880 per month! There is a free 14-day trial when you sign up with your credit card or get a voucher SMSed directly to your phone.
Subscribe to Showmax and get your free trial: Showmax.com
2. Internet costs
Data can be a challenge in Africa, due to high internet costs and slow internet speeds in some of the parts of Kenya.
In order for Kenyans to enjoy the full Showmax experience, Showmax came up with different strategies to allow ordinary Kenyans to watch Showmax without spending too much money on data.
How Showmax has addressed the data cost challenge:
a) Safaricom bundles
Showmax has partnered with Safaricom to reduce the cost of bundles used for streaming. You can now access exclusive Showmax streaming bundles at reduced rates.
     Safaricom Showmax streaming bundle prices:
  • 7.5 GB @ Ksh 1 699
  • 15 GB  @ Ksh 3 199
  • 30 GB  @ Ksh 5 999
  • 60 GB  @ Ksh 9 999
     How to get cheaper Safaricom bundles for Showmax streaming:
  • Using your Safaricom line, dial *422#.
  • Choose option 3 (video only data).
  • Choose the data bundles you want.
  • Make the purchase.
Showmax also awards one free month when you buy a three-month subscription using Safaricom M-Pesa.
List of Showmax movies and TV series: Showmax.com/Movies and Tv Shows
b) Downloads
With Showmax, you can download TV shows and movies while on Wi-Fi and watch them offline later on. This feature will be very helpful if you want to enjoy Showmax in an area where the internet connection isn’t so good or if you don’t have Wi-Fi at home. Additionally, you will be saving on data costs since you won’t need steaming bundles if you download your shows and watch them offline. Showmax allows you to download up to 25 shows at one time and you have up to 30 days to watch them.
Subscribe to Showmax and get your free trial: Showmax.com
c) Bandwidth capping
Showmax has introduced bandwidth capping technology, with these three options to choose from:
  • Low rate capping – You’ll be using 0.3 GB per hour when streaming Showmax.
  • Medium capping – You’ll use 0.7 GB per hour when streaming Showmax.
  • No Capping – You’ll use 1.42 GB per hour when streaming. (This choice will be suitable if you’re connected to Wi-FI or have unlimited internet.)
With bandwidth capping technology, you can control how your data is consumed and this will reduce the amount of money you use on streaming.
Try out the bandwidth capping tool here.
Subscribe to Showmax and get your free trial: Showmax.com
Why you should subscribe to Showmax
1.  Showmax is safe. If you’ve ever downloaded a movie from pirate sites, you’ll notice that the movie files sometimes come with viruses that end up damaging your PC. With Showmax, you don’t have to worry about viruses.
2. You become your own boss with Showmax. Showmax gives you the freedom to select what you want to watch from its collection. You can watch your programmes anytime and on a device of your choice. You can pause your programme and continue watching it later (a luxury you can’t enjoy with normal TV).
3. Ad-free streaming. Showmax won’t interrupt your viewing with any advertisements of any kind.
4. Instant viewing. Just tap on the show title you want to watch and it begins playing instantly, with no redirect links.
Subscribe to Showmax and get your free trial: Showmax.com
5. Showmax acts like your movie and TV show library. You don’t need to have a hard drive or CD collection to watch your favourite TV shows and movies. Showmax acts as your cloud storage, and when subscribed, you can access any available TV show or movie anytime, any day, without having to worry about storage space on your device. Let’s say a friend recommends that you watch Game of Thrones (my favourite TV show on Showmax) before Season 7 launches later this year. With your subscription, you can access all seasons of Game of Thrones, Seasons 1-6, with no hustle and no added charges. You can access it in the future if you decide to watch it again as well.
6. Safe for kids. Showmax has not left the kids out. It offers a variety of cool kids’ TV shows and movies to keep the little ones entertained, and you can set them up with their own profile with an age restriction, so they won’t see inappropriate content.
7. Availability of local content. Kenyans love their TV shows and so Showmax has localised your viewing experience by introducing Kenyan and Swahili programs such as Real Househelps of Kawangware, Churchill Show, Young Rich and Tumaini Senta.
Subscribe to Showmax: Showmax.com