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How to Get an Equitel Line and Advantages of an equitel line.


  • Original national id or Passport.
  • Photocopy of your national ID or Passport.
  • Passport sized Photo.
  • 100 Ksh to activate the line you’ll be given.

Procedure for getting an Equitel Line.
  • Visit any Equity Branch.
  • Open an Equity bank account. (To get an Equitel line it’s usually mandatory for you to have an equity bank account.)
  • Go to the Equitel section and give them your equity bank account number.
  • They will then process an equitel line for you (Usually takes 2-3 minutes)
  • To activate the Equitel Line you will be required to deposit 100 Ksh in your bank account.
  • It’s that simple.
How to Know you Equitel Simcard Number.
To Know you Equitel simcard number follow the procedure below.
  • Dial *100#
  • Choose option 5 (Setting/Help)
  • Choose Option 2 (My number)
  • Equitel will then show you your Simcard number.
Advantages of Having an Equitel Line
  • Sending money to another Equitel line or Equity bank account is free or charge.
  • You can get a loan of upto 3 Million.
  • You can buy airtime for your Safaricom using funds from your bank account.

Important Points you need to Know about Equitel.

  • Equitel lines are available in normal sim size, Micro sim , Nano Sim and Thin Sim.
  • You are required to have an equity bank account in order to apply for an equitel line. If you don’t have an equity account you can simply dial *247# to open.
  • Incase you lose your Equitel line you can dial 100 from an equitel line or call 0763000100 from other networks. Customer care will then guide you on how to block and protect your line.