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How Much Hiring or Buying a Helicopter in Kenya Costs.

Helicopters have become the main means of transport for Politicians in Kenya.Flying Helicopters in Kenya shows the Political and Financial Might of a Politician.Politics of the Sky is a show of flamboyance and Might.
Flying a Helicopter in Kenya is not a cheap affair if you don’t own your own Helicopter.

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How Much it costs to Buy a Helicopter in Kenya.
Purchasing a Helicopter in Kenya will costs you between 250-300 Million. Commonly used Helicopters in Kenya are the AS-350 Eurocopter.

How much it costs to Hire a Helicopter in Kenya.
The cost of leasing or Hiring a Helicopter depends on the number of Flight hours.The cost of Hiring a 5 seater Chopper in Kenya are as follows.

  • Hiring a Chopper for 1 Hr will cost you between 150,000-200,000 Ksh depending on the company that you lease it from.
  • Hiring a Chopper for 2 hrs will cost you 400,000 Ksh.

N/B: Cost is charged on Flight time and not when the plane is on the ground.

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How Much Parking and Landing a Helicopter costs in Kenyan Airports.

  • Parking a Helicopter in Wilson Airport Per Night will cost 10,000 Ksh
  • Landing a Helicopter will cost 1,000 Ksh.

How Much Insurance Helicopters Pay in Kenya.
Helicopters in Kenya Pay an insurance fee of between 8-10 Million Ksh.