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How to Invest in M-Akiba and How Much Profit You Can Make Through Buying Treasury Bonds

With 3000 ksh and a Mobile Phone Kenyans can now Invest in Treasury Bonds without the hustle of Paper Work. This is Thanks to M-Akiba.
M-Akiba bond investments mature after 3 years. The minimum Investment is 3000 ksh while the maximum is 140,000 ksh Per Day.
The M-Akiba Interest rates are 10% and the Interests will be paid after every 6 months.Interest gained are tax free.

What is a Treasury Bond?
 A Bond is a loan that you give to an institution such as a the Government. The Institution will then Pay you back your Money with an Interest.
For M-Akiba you loan the Government of Kenya your Money and After Every 6
Months they Pay you Interest. After the loan matures to full term you will then receive you Original amount.
Lets say you Invest 10,000 Ksh on M-Akiba at an Interest Rate of 10 % For 3 years.

  • Every 6 Months you will receive 500 ksh as interest.
  • At the end of 3 yrs you will receive your Original investment of 10,000 Ksh.

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Requirements For Using M-Akiba.

  • Mobile Phone.
  • National ID.
  • Minimum of 3000 ksh.

How to Buy M-Akiba By Using Mpesa or Airtel Money.

  • Dial *889#
  •  Creat safaricom Universal Pin ->Click Accept
  • Enter National ID 

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Benefits of M-Akiba/Buying Goverment Treasury Bonds 

1.They are “Risk Free”. The Government cannot default in paying you back.However if the countries inflation rate exceeds that of the interest rate you won’t get much value on your Investment.
2.They are Tax Free. When you invest in a regular bank the interest that you money gains is subject to a 15% taxation. However when you invest with M-Akiba the Interest in Free of Taxation.
3.You get High Interest Rates.
4.Easy to Invest in since you only need a mobile phones