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How to Get A Safaricom M-Changa Paybill to Raise Funds for Medical Reasons

Changa na Mpesa is a service that allows Safaricom customers to lease a Paybill for a period of between 1-6 months.

Changa na Mpesa allows you to raise funds for reasons such as medical,Funerals,Education ,Weddings and Other Activities that may require Fund Raising.

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Requirements For Opening an M-changa Paybill for Medical Reasons.

1. Duly filled and signed Short term pay bill Application form stating purpose and duration.You can download the Safaricom M-Changa Application Form Here –> Download
2. Signed Terms and Conditions
3. Certified ID and PIN Certificate of the applicant.
4. Certified supporting documents from the Hospital / Doctor treating the patient which should confirm the need for the collection e.g. reference to an operation/required treatment (on the institution’s letter head, stamped and signed by authorized personnel)
5. If applying on behalf of the beneficiary;

  •  If a minor: the parents/guardian of the child should apply and the child’s birth certificate should be attached to the rest of the documents as listed above.
  •  If the person is incapacitated: certified copies of IDs & PIN Certificates for both parties will be required   

 What Next After Filling The M-changa Application Form?
Once you have Finished Filling in the Application Form you can Submit it to Safaricom in either of the following ways

  • You can email them the filled Application Form to this email address–> 


  • You can alternatively take the hard copy form to any Safaricom office 

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Advantages of Having an M-Changa Paybill.

  • It gives the impression that you are genuinely looking for Funding.
  • Ensures Accountability since Bank statements can be requested for Audit
  • You can collect Upto 100 million Ksh. This is the greatest benefit of M-changa.Normal paybills can hold upto 100,000 ksh only