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How To File Nil Tax Returns in KRA itax Kenya.

What’s a nil return? 
You will File for a Nil Return if your earnings are below the taxable income or if you don’t earn anything e.g Students

Step 1: Visit the iTax Website

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Step 2: E-returns Information Filling

  • Click on returns then choose File Nil Returns.
  • Fill in the Information as Follows

              Type: Self
              Taxpayer Pin: Your Pin
Tax Obligation:Income tax Resident

Step 3: Income tax -Resident Individual Nil e-Return.

  • Fill in the Personal Identification n.o which is your KRA Pin
  • Wife Pin; You can leave it blank if you don’t have a wife
  • Fill in the Return Period. If you’re Filling KRA Nil Returns in 2018 Fill in the Periods as Follows (start Period 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017)
  • Click Submit

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Step 4; Final step(Return Receipt generated)

  • You will get a notification saying your return has been submitted successfully.
  • Download your Return Receipt
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