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How to Pay Your KPLC Electricity Bill with Mpesa or Airtel Money.

Mobile Money is the greatest invention that has ever happened in Kenya.It has facilitated and Revolutionized the Payment of Utility bills In Kenya.
In this article We will show you How to Pay KPLC electricity Bills by Using Either Mpesa or Airtel Money.

How to Check your KPLC Bill

Before you Check your electricity bill it’s always advisable to check and see what amount your bill indicates.
To Check your KPLC Bill this is what you do
Lets assume your Account n.0 is 398467-01
To get your Bill Just send the first part of the Bill to 95551
For our Example we would send 398467 to 95551

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How to Pay your KPLC Electricity Bill With Mpesa.

  • Go to Mpesa
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa
  • Choose Paybill
  • Enter 888888 as the Business number
  • In the Account Number Section,Enter your KPLC A/C number e.g398467-01
  • Enter the Amount you want to pay (Min is 100 and Max is 35,000)
  • Enter Your Pin and Confirm.

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How to Pay your Electricity Bill with Airtel Money.

  • Go to Airtel Money
  • Click on Make payments Option
  • Choose Paybill
  • You will then choose between Post Paid Bill or Prepaid Purchase of Token 
  • Enter the amount you want to Pay
  • Enter Your Pin
  • A reference Option will appear.Enter your KPLC AC/number e.g 398467-01