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How to Okoa Stima with Safaricom’s Okoa Stima Option.

Okoa Stima enables you to get electricity and pay for it later.The borrowing limit is between 100-1000 ksh and your limit will be a pre-determined amount based on your historical relationship with KPLC.

In order for you to get the service, you will have to register first.

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How to Register For Okoa Stima.

  • Dial *885# Then Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Enter your National ID Number.
  • Set your preferred Pin.
  • Wait for a confirmation message which contains your service pin.
  • Enter your service Pin.
  • Select Register Meter/Account.
  • Select whether you want Pre-paid or Post-Paid.
  • Enter Meter or Account Number then Submit.

After you’ve registered this is how you can okoa stima. The procedure will be divide for Pre-pay customer and Post pay customers.

How to Okoa Stima on Pre-pay

  • Dial *885# then Enter you Pin.
  • Select Pre-Paid
  • Select Okoa Stima
  • Select Request Emergency Top Up
  • Select Meter
  • Choose you Okoa amount Ranging from 100-1000 ksh.

How to Okoa Stima on Post Pay.

  • Dial *885# then Enter you Pin.
  • Select Post-Paid
  • Select the account.
  • The bill of the account will automatically be displayed.
  • Select Okoa Stima

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Important Points that You need to Know about Okoa Stima
You should repay the Okoa amount within 7 days.
Okoa Stima service has a service charge of 10 %  E.g If I borrow 300 ksh my meter will be updated with tokens worth  270 ksh.
The maximum meters that you can register is 3.