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How to Get Safaricom PUK number

Safaricom PUK number will be requested if you enter your pin n.o wrongly 3 consecutive times.

Requirements for Getting your Safaricom PUK.

  • Another Working Safaricom Line ( You can use your Friends Safaricom Line)
  • Your ID Number or Passport Number. (I.e the one that you used to register the line)
  • Remember your last top-up amount.

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Procedure for Getting Your Safaricom PUK.

  • Dial *100# (Use a working Safaricom Line.)¬†
  • You will be directed to the self-care Page. Dial 98 for More.
  • Dial 8 For getting PUK Option
  • Enter the mobile number that you want to get it’s Safaricom PUK Number.
  • Enter your ID Number
  • Enter the Last airtime top-up amount that you made.
  • The Pin will then be sent to the phone you’ve used for doing the procedure.

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If you enter the wrong airtime top-up amount, this method may refuse to retrieve the PUK.
If this method refuses you’ll have 2 Options remaining.

  1. Call Safaricom Customer care and they will assist.
  2. Go to any Safaricom shop with your ID and they will Unblock your Line