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5 Business Ideas You can start with ksh.10,000 ($100) or less

 The thought of starting up a business has crossed your mind at least once or twice, either as the main source of income or to supplement once salary. Some of the things one has to consider therefore, is the issue on capital. There is countless businesses ideas one can venter into with a starting capital of ksh. 10,000 ($100) or less.
During my collage years I tried some of these ideas which worked great for and thought it would be great to review some of them. You may even be convinced and try one out.

1.    Freelancing
Adult, Business, Composition, Cup, DeskThere are many website for example iwriter, studybay, homework market and up work that post freelance jobs. This is a nice business idea with minimal requirement. A computer and a good internet connection is basically what you need, ooh! and patience. Good writers or web developers will have no problem starting up. Basically how most of this sites work one has to bid for a job which you get paid on completion and approval

2.    Blogging

This is good idea if you are familiar or well informed in a certain niche for example fashion. Set up blog where you share your ideas on the topic and ensure your site gets good traffic.  Make money with your blog through posting of advertisements, affiliate marketing or selling of advertisement space in your blog to co-operate. I’d recommend this option since I’ve been doing it for the past four years. I generate revenue using Google AdSense.
With practice over a period of time you gain expertise in blog/web development a venture into web/blog development as business. In Kenya one can charge at least ksh. 5,000 to develop for one a blog.
WordPress and blogger are the common platforms used for blogging.

3.    Affiliate Marketing

This is the process of selling products for online shops, you are given a ink with this shops which you show in you blog or social media and when a visitor clicks and purchase a product you get a commission from the sell price. In Kenya some of the sites that offer affiliate marketing include jumia and killimall.

4.    Computer Repair and Maintenance.

Computers and laptops have become a common household requirement in Kenya. More and more people are buying computers but lack the knowledge on its maintenances. A requirement to start this business would be knowledge on computer hardware and software, computer to store softwares and good internet connection.
You can can set up shop at your local center to troubleshoot crashed computers or install software updates, do online registration for customer either KRA pin tar return, driving lincence or typesetting.

5.    Blog with YouTube

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Vlogging is a term used to define bloggers who publish content through the use of video. Vlogging is basically how Musicians , Make Up Tutorial Artists , Entertainment videos and product reviewers make money from their creations.
YouTube through it’s platform Google AdSense pays publishers ( vloggers) revenue based on the amount of views their channels gain. In Kenya YouTube pays vloggers 1$ for every 1000 views of their videos.
The payment is usually monthly with the minimum threshold being 70$..
Starting a YouTube Channel is Easy and Very Simple. All that you require is a Laptop , Internet connection and basic video editing software. A camera is optional depending on the type of channel you want to start.
However you will only start earning when you channel get 10,000 views.