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How to Start a Sweet selling Business In Kenya And The Profits it Makes

Youths in Kenya have over the time evolved in terms of entrepreneurship. The previous norm of working in government institution offices with huge salaries nowadays does not apply. The only thing that will guarantee you survival is hard work , innovation and the ability to see new trends in the business environment.
This post will be about how youths can sell sweets and make profits from the venture.

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Steps of Starting a Good Sweet/Candy Selling Business

1.Market Selection
A sweets selling business will only be profitable if you sell huge amounts of the product. To achieve mass sales you will require an environment with minimal competition. Places such as bus stations are always concentrated with vendors thus your product will have competion leading to poor sales.
An example of a good environment is university hostels, university functions such as freshers party or nursery school events such as graduations. In university hostels there is minimal competition since entry to such an environment is restricted only to the students, outside venders are not allowed into the hostel premises.

2.Gather your Starting Capital and Estimate Profit calculations.
Such a business requires very little capital to start and the profits are actually very captivating.
Since I have conversed with someone who does this business I will give you an accurate profit estimation of the sweet selling business in Kenya.

  • A packet of lollipops with 50 pieces costs 230 ksh
  • If you sell the lollipops at 10 ksh per piece you will sell the whole packet at ksh 500 thus making a profit of 270 ksh per packet.
  • As I said , to make good profits you will be required to sell huge amounts. Lets say you sell 20 packets in a week, you will be making a profit of 5400 ksh

Thus a staring capital of 1000 ksh is sufficient.

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3. Planning your selling strategy and Marketing.
  In university hostels the best strategy of selling the sweets is through door to door selling. As a vender of sweets you will be required to have good social and conversation skills so as to persuade the customerrs to buy the products.
Since the students will be regular customers try to now their names and let them be your friends rather than just customers

4. Set up an expansion strategy and Competition strategy.
Expansion strategy will entail expanding the variety of products that you sell. For example is selling Lollipops is doing well and you have established a good customer base try to introduce other snacks such as ground nut (Njugu) so that if a customer says he is not in the mood of sweets you can offer to sell him the Nuts.
A competition strategy is meant to make you retain your status as a leader in that field and to prevent new entrants from taking your market share.

      Challenges that the Sweet selling Business .

  • Discouraging remarks . Such a business is seen as a business for the poor e.g hawkers. Thus some of your friends will give discouraging comments when you start such a business.
  • Competition from existing sellers

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