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New Dstv Package Prices In Kenya. Decorder and DIsh Prices and How to Pay For DStv Using Paybill number 444900

Premium DStv Package- 8180 kshDstv has been a major industry player in the Kenyan Television channel providing service. The monopoly that they previously enjoyed led to them dictating their prices to very expensive amounts.
However with the entry of other player such as Zuku, Startimes ,Bamba TV and GoTv has made them feel the challenges of competition. In a bid to retain their customers the company has decided to lower it’s prices which will be effective from 1st November.

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What are the New DSTV Package Prices In Kenya ?

  • Compact Plus DStv Package -5,425 ksh
  • Compact DStv Package- 3,550 ksh
  • Family DStv Package- 1,900 ksh
  • Access DStv Package- 1,050 ksh

Some channels have also been added to the packages.

What are the prices of DStv Decoders and other accessories in Kenya?

  1. DStv Explora Decorder price- 8,400 ksh
  2. DStv Explora Plus installation – 12,500 ksh
  3. 90 cm DStv Dish Kit- 1,250 ksh
  4. DStv Universal Remote Prices-1,760 ksh

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How to Pay For Your DStv Package Subscription In Kenya
Easiest way to pay for DStv in Kenya is through the use of Mpesa. The procedure is simple and is as follows

  • Go to Mpesa Menu
  • Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Select Paybill
  • The DStv Paybill Number is 444900
  • Enter your DStv Account number
  • Enter the amount ( according to your package)
  • In put your mpesa pin to complete the transaction

Main Reason why  Kenyans Still Use DStv Despite the High Prices
 Kenya is a football nation and the fact that DStv is the only provider that airs all premier league games on its Supersport channels will make it have and maintain its larger market share for  some time in Kenya.
 However with the Cheap and fast  Zuku internet services some Kenyans will opt to stream the matches online as opposed to watching them on DStv.

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