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How to send Money to Mpesa Free of Charge By Using Airtel Money

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Ever heard of the term Double payment? This is what Mpesa usually does when you transact your money transfer through them. ( The sender gets charged for transferring money to the receivers account and the receiver gets charged for withdrawing the money from his account.)

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Through the use of Airtel Money you can now evade the extortion that Mpesa does. Sending money through Airtel money is free regardless of whether you are sending it to a receiver who is on Mpesa or Orange money.

How to send money free of charge from Airtel money to someone who uses Mpesa??
You must have an Airtel line  to perform such a transaction.Follow the following steps.

  • Using your Airtel line Dial *222# 
  • Select 1 (Airtel Money)
  • Choose the language you want
  • Select otion 1 (send money)
  • Input the number of the receiver. In our case since we are sending to an mpesa user we will put their Safaricom number.
  • Input the amount you want to send.
  • Confirm the Details then enter your pin to approve the transaction.
  • The receiver will the receive a Withdrawal Pin on their Safaricom line. To withdraw the money the receiver should submit the withdrawal pin to any Airtel Money Agent so that he/she can get the money.
  • After receiving the funds from the agent the person who sent the money will receive a message that the money has been received by receiver and that a withdrawal has been made.

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Important thing to note
  The money sent to an Mpesa customer will be withdrawa from an Airtel Agent and not through an Mpesa agent.
Is it worth Using Airtel money to transfer money to an Mpesa person??
I think this would be rather obvious since it is highly cost effective and saves you some money. Safaricom charges for sending money through mpesa is usually around 27 ksh and thus by using Airtel Money you would be saving the 27 ksh per transaction.
One drawback though is that getting an Airtel agent sometimes is Hectic and thus the receiver would have to travel some distance to get an airtel agent.

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