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How to Register For An EQUITEL Sim Card

 Equitel mobile money transfer system has steadily and slowly picked up pace in the past few months.Many individuals and particularly university students (due to HELB loan Money) have embraced  equitel platform.

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The fast growth can also be attributed to the presence of many equity agents which thus enables easy money withdrawals without much hustle.
I’ve personally used equitel and must admit that it’s worth it even though it has some disadvantages.

How to Get an Equitel Sim card in Kenya.
I will discuss this topic under the following sub-points

1.Equitel Sim card types and prices
There are four types of Sim cards which include the following

  • Thin Sim Card (type of sim card which you put on top of your current sim card). It costs 500/= although you will get 200ksh worth of airtime loaded.
  • Standard/Nano/Micro Sim cards which cost 50 ksh

2. Requirements For Equitel Registration

  • Original Identification Card or Passport
  • Active Equity Bank Account.

3.Equitel Registration Process.
Registration will be done at any equity bank help desk 

  • Make sure that you have an active equity bank account.If you don’t have one then you can dial *247# to open an instant equity account. 
  • Go to the Equity Help desk and purchase a Sim Card.
  • Provide you equity account details after which they will link your Equitel Sim card to your bank account
  • To activate you equitel account you will be required to buy airtime.

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Advantages of Equitel.

  1. Individuals can control their bank funds without going to the bank.
  2. You can purchase airtime for other numbers i.e even for a Safaricom line 
  3. Withdrawal charges from an equity agent are far much cheaper as compared to Mpesa.
  4. Sending money to another equitel number is free unlike Safaricom Mpesa which charges
  5. Checking of equitel money balances is free.
  6. Paybill charges are nill.

Disadvantages of Equitel

  1. Poor internet speeds when you purchase Equitel bundles