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How to Use KRA Stamp Checker To verify the Genuineness and Authenticity of a Product

Some weeks ago contraband/fake Jameson drinks were confiscated in Nairobi. Such incidences have sparked fear to Kenyans since they now know that products they consume are at times not genuine.
All alcohols in Kenya must be stamped with the KRA excise tax stamps. The stamps have encrypted codes which enable you to verify the genuineness of the product.
KRA released an app known as the KRA Stamp Checker which makes the public able to verify the genuineness of the product they consume e.g. alcohol and cigarettes . When the product is scanned immediate authenticity results are given together with additional information of the product.
How to Use the KRA Stamp Checker to Verify the Authenticity of a Product

      1.Download the KRA Stamp Checker From Google Play store then install the app.

      2.Locate the stamp. ( it’s usually on the bottle top). The color of the stamp is usually  shifts from green to pink when viewed from different angles.

      3. Detect the QR code. Line the QR code with the frame of the scan

      4. Read the color shift. Tilt the phone back towards your body until the ball slides to the bottom of the arrow

     5. If the product is genuine a verification will be sent immediately. It will also include the products details
Advantages of using the KRA Security Stamp Checker
  • Customers can report product brands and selling locations which do not follow the required law / sell fake products.
  • Reporting fake products is anonymous thus customers should not be afraid of cartels coming to haunt them for reporting their malicious activity.

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Position of KRA Tax stamp on Various Goods.

  •  Position of KRA Tax stamp on Bottles and Packs
  •  Position of KRA Tax Stamp on Alcohol
  • Position of KRA tax Stamp on cigarettes