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Changing Sim Card or Mpesa Details if you Registered with your Parents Or Guardians ID

It is a mandatory Law for every Sim card in Kenya to be registered regardless of the service provider. Registration requires individuals to have an official Kenyan ID which is normally issued at the age of 18 Yrs. Kenyan passports can also be used for registration.

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Mobile phone penetration in Kenya has Spiked and many youths have the appetite for smart phones. Those who have not attained the age of 18 Yrs are required to register their Sim Cards using their parents or guardians ID details so as to get a functional Sim Card.
When they attain the age of 18 Yrs and get their own IDs they can change the Sim Card and Mpesa details as follows

How to change your Sim Card and Mpesa Details

  1. Visit an Mpesa retail shop together with the person whose details you used to register the Sim card. Carry with you both your identification details.
  2. You can also present a consent letter from the person who registered you. The letter should have an attachment of the the person Identification documents (copy). Carry with you your original documents.

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