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How to prevent your safaricom airtime from disappearing

Have you ever encountered the problem of having your Safaricom airtime lost all of a sudden?? Yesterday I bought 50 bob of airtime intending to buy some blaze bundles but to my surprise when I tried to purchase the bundles I was shocked on receiving a message informing me that I had insufficient airtime to purchase the bundle package.
Financially such simple losses can contribute to an individual developing gradual losses and thus contracting a state known as ” financial Leprosy” ( losing your financial wealth slowly by slowly.)
There are 3 ways to prevent loss of your  Safaricom airtime

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1.Loss of Airtime can be caused by browsing using your airtime
When your bundles are over Safaricom will charge you 2ksh per minute when you are browsing the internet.
To prevent the use of your airtime when the bundles have been exhausted you will be required to activate a service known as My Data Manager It is a service which ensures that Safaricom customers are not billed from their airtime when surfing.

         How to activate My Data Manager
  •   Dial *544#
  •  After that dial option 5 (my data manager)
  •  Dial 1 to activate

2. Airtime loss can also be due to costly subscriptions that you subscribed to unknowingly.
 Sometimes individuals subscribe to certain services without reading the terms and conditions of the service.
Providers of such services are usually cunning and in the terms and conditions part, they use small writings so that it will be hard for you to read them. They usually write something like E.G each subscription will cost 30 Ksh and you will be receiving 1 subscription daily.

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         How to prevent loss of airtime through subscriptions.

1. Dial *100 #

  2.  Select option 5 (my subscriptions)

  3.  Select option 2 ( unsubscribe)

  4.  Select option 4 (Premium services and games)

If you want to know which services eat up your airtime, in step 4 you will select option 1 (my active SMS services)

When neither of the two ways curbs you airtime from disappearing I would advise you to call Safaricom customer care by simply dialing 100 then the call button

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