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How to Pay your Land rates in Nairobi

The Nairobi county government has extended its land rates waiver until 31st August. The waiver on penalties and interests is 90%.

Young entrepreneurs due to lack of experience and information sometimes fail to pay their rates which is usually a financial sabotage.

 What is Land Rates?
Land rates are the main source of income to county governments or councils. They are taxes paid by owners of property

Ways to pay your Land Rates In Nairobi.
The Nairobi city council has availed different ways of paying Land Rates which include the following

1. Through Cooperative Bank

  • A/C Name: Nairobi City County
  • Revenue Account. City Hall Branch
  • A/c N.o : N.o:01141232396600

2. Through Ejijipay platform

  • Dial *217#
  • Follow the procedure provided after dialing the number

3.  Payment can also be done through cash payments at the Nairobi county Office
Consequences of not paying your land rates

  1. Leads to accumulation of additional costs such as fines and penalties
  2. Can lead to bankruptcy
  3. Repossession of the premises by the county government.
  4. Closure of business.
  5. Credit ratings could be lowered