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How to check the status of your National ID Card in Kenya

As I write this article the general election is 358 days from today. Kenya being a politically enthusiastic country I know most of the individuals have the urge to cast their votes and let their opinions be counted.In order to vote you will be required to have a national identity card as well as a voters card.

For those Kenyan youths who just recently applied for their national identity card I know that it”s always a hectic procedure going to the government offices  all the time to inquire if the ID has been processed or asking when you should come to pick it.

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How to know the status of your National Identity Card in Kenya

This is the simplest way to know if your ID is ready for collection or at which stage of processing it is in.This method will require you to have your waiting card.
      step 1-  Using your mobile phone go to create message
      step 2-  Type your serial number
      step 3-  Send the message to 20031
      step 4-  Wait for the reply

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How much does this service cost?
The text message will only cost you 5 ksh.

Important note
Sometimes the message may not be replied instantly due to traffic factors. You should not resend the message. If after 3 days you have not received the message that is when you should send another message.

Reasons why a National ID is important to a Kenyan youth.

  • In order to vote during national elections
  • In order to register your new business
  • To apply for bank loans and Helb Loans
  • Registering your sim card