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How to Buy Goods from Regular Merchants Using Safaricom’s New Lipa Na Bonga Points Service

Safaricom which started as a telecommunication company has slowly made great strides into the financial business.
 It’s considered the most profitable company in east and central Africa.It’s recent reports stated that the company mints 38.1 Billlion in profits.

Safaricom  unclaimed bonga points at one point was worth 3.2 billion kenyan shillings.
 The company introduced a service entitled Lipa Na Bonga Points.This new service will enable safaricom customers with substantial numbers of bonga points to purchase goods from regular merchants.

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Previously bonga points were redeemed for simple services such as data bundles, airtime, talk time,phones and after partnering with KQ you could also redeem them for air tickets.

How Lipa Na Bonga Points Works.
The most important thing you should know is the conversion rates for the service. 5 bonga points=1ksh.

  • E.g If you wish to buy a good which cost 200 ksh you will need 1000 bonga points

Procedure to redeem the bonga points when buying goods from regular Merchants

  1. Dial *126 #
  2. Choose Lipa na Bonga points
  3. Choose buy goods
  4. Enter Till number 

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     Advantages of this new service

    •  Safaricom customers get real value/better value for their bonga points i.e Previously if you sold your bonga points to bonga point brokers 5 bonga points would earn you 0.75 ksh. With safaricom’s new service 5 bonga points are worth 2 ksh.
    • Your bonga points can now be redeemed for anything i.e you can now go to a shop with a Till Number and redeem your bonga points for things such as bread, milk e.t.c

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