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Why you should invest in the Public Toilet Business; ‘Shit Business is Serious Business.’

As I was doing my research before writing this article I came across this catchy  phrase ‘Shit business is Serious business’
I know most of you think that am out of my mind because of featuring this business idea in this blog. Public toilets are considered filthy and most of the young entrepreneurs wouldn’t consider venturing into this business.

Nonetheless am here to enlighten you on how you can earn a living , make huge amounts of profit and create employment by venturing into this business.

Reasons why you should venture into the Public Toilet business

  •  It’s not a business which is seasonal. You will be guaranteed of constant business regardless of the situation in the market
  • Requires little capital to start. You will be required to create you own facility or rent a room which has good drainage and sewer then modify it to suit your needs
  • It’s highly profitable.We have done a simple profit estimation at the end of this post.
  • Simple to operate

Types of Public Toilets

  1. Stationary toilet.This are those toilets which are located in a permanent physical location. If you live in Nairobi a good example will be the public toilet near Mr. Price. They are often located in public transport stages where the population is high
  2.  Mobile toilet/ Portable toilets. This are the types of toilet which are hired during public functions such as graduations, rallies, and huge weddings.Example of companies in Kenya that offer mobile toilet services include: Unique Loos limited, Portable Toilet Kenya and Porta loos

How much do such businesses make
Stationary toilets which are located in a high traffic place mint huge amounts of money.
My case study will be the toilets located near Nairobi Archive or Mr.Price.
I asked the attendant of the average number of individuals that visit the facility and she was generous enough to tell me. She stated that by midday the public restroom is visited by approximately 600 individuals.
Let’s do the math
They charge 10 bob per visit thus by midday they will have made 6000ksh
So the whole day=6000*2=12000kshs
Per month they approximately make=12000*30=360,000ksh

Mobile toilet companies  charge depending on the number of mobile toilet units dispensed for the occasion

Hustle yetu advice on this business
 Make sure to locate your public restroom business in a high traffic place such as bus stops, bars, and restaurants, malls,
Provide high-quality services to  your customers with hygiene being a priority

Apparently from my calculations the phrase ‘shit business is serious business’ makes sense.