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Venture into the Smokie Selling Business; This is how profitable it can be!!!

Stop complaining of unemployment and venture in simple businesses rather than just sitting and idling around.
Ever wondered why the number of smokie sellers has drastically increased in the past year. Well, the reason is simple, Its a highly profitable business and it’s peak hours are mainly in the evening ,this therefore means that you can do it as a part time job e.g after your lectures or after your daily work hours.

I personally have a friend who sells the roast smokies and that is why I decided to feature this business Idea.

Budget and requirements
The main budget of this business lies in buying the smokie grilling equipment which goes for around 5,000.
A packet of smokies which contains 22 pieces costs 330 ksh
A tray of eggs costs 300 bob that is if you will decide to diversify and include boiled eggs.
You can also include roast potatoes into the mix
Kachumbari ( Onions ,chilli, tomatoes,dania) will cost you averagely 100 per day.
Tomato sauce and Chilli sauce . It’s advisable to buy the 5 liter ones which you will dilute. This will be much cheaper in the long run.

How much profit can you averagely make

 I’ll use the estimations as to how my friend sells so that you can have a realistic view of the business.
He’s located in a highly populated area , just oustide JKUAT university.
He sells averagely 5 packets of smokie everyday. Each packet has 22 smokies thus in total he sells around 110 smokies a day.Each smokie costs 25 bob thus per day he makes 25×110=2750 ksh
The expenses he will have used that day are averagely 330 × 5=1650 ksh plus kachumbari cost which is 100= 1750 ksh
Total profits from sell of smokie =2750-1750=1000 ksh

If you decide to sell eggs then your profits will be elevated.
My friend sells averagely 2 trays of eggs per day. That is 60 eggs wth each egg costing 20 bob
He thus makes 60 ×20=1200
Expenses involved = 1 tray of eggs cost 300 thus 2 trays will cost 600
total profits from eggs=1200-600=600

Therefore the Total profits per day from the sale of both smokies and eggs will add up to 1000+600=1600

Monthly income estimates=48,000 ksh

If you won’t have time to run the business yourself you can hire someone and pay them 200 per day

Suitable places to locate your business

  • Near bus stops and stages
  • Areas around learning institutions
  • Around bars and clubs
  • Near hospitals and industrial ares