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How to get your business Idea Funded by KCB reality show Lion’s Den

Lion’s Den is a Kenyan entrepreneurial program which is set to be aired on NTV. It is funded by KCB bank and seeks to unlock talent and youthful business ideas. This program is somehow similar to the famous business program called Shark Tank..

Contestants will be required to pitch their ideas to Prominent businessmen and venture capitalist who will be on the panel.

Any type of business is acceptable so long as it makes sense

How to apply for Lion’s Den
Application can be done in two ways
      1. Visit the following link www.bankika.co.ke and register
2. Go to any KCB branch and submit your application for lions den.

Requirements in order to participate
 Applicants should be older than 18 yrs old
Applicants must have a KCB account
Applicants should have a business idea that they are seeking to funding for.

Critical rules about the show that  you should know

  • If for instance, you are not an eloquent or good marketer you will be allowed to hire or use the services of a lawyer or advocate to assist you in pitching the business idea or explaining the financial matters of your business.
  • You will be required to say how much money you business needs to be funded with and in turn what percentage of your business you will be willing to offer the Lion
  • Deals that are made during the show will be legally binding to the participant and the Lion. The 3rd parties which are NTV and KCB will not be liable to any misunderstanding

Advice from Hustle Yetu Team
Such a program is a good marketing and funding tool for your business. However, in order to secure a good deal, your business must have real evidence e.g financial reports that it’s making sales and recording considerable amounts of profit. It’s very unlikely for the Lions to investment in an idea which has not been put into practice

Deadline for KCB Lion’s Den application
The deadline will be on Sunday 24th July 2016